Op Shop Dreams

Op Shop Dreams is a wonderfully fresh, physical and clever NZ play. The “Kickstart” shop is a transitory space where everyone belongs and any dream is possible. The 1970’s ebullient, nostalgic vibe and music track makes everything seem very present and hopeful, connecting powerfully to today’s teenage world. The siblings, Grace and Charlie, negotiate their wonderfully raw, messy relationship amidst a vibrant chorus and an array of unique characters such as Oscar, Boppa, Nana Hannah, Mr. Pretty Big, Shadow, The Dream Fixer, KitKat and the Angel Marigold. The powerful exploration of the complexity of forgiveness, the spirited dialogue, seamless staging, manageable length and flexible casting (12-20) will appeal to students and directors alike.

(Duncan Allan, director and Performing Arts Faulty Head.)


“Exciting, funny and moving but most of all, full of the magic of theatre. It will captivate teenagers and audiences.”

(Katie Wolfe and Tim Balme, actors and writers.)