Matthew Mann is the greatest songwriter he knows. But the judges on TV ratings phenomenon 'Kiwi Talent' are far more interested in the boy-band he fronted 27 years ago.

Determined to reverse a lifetime of disappointment and win the competition, Matthew agrees to reform BoyburNZ, renames them Mannbannd, and redefines music as we know it. It turns out, however, that his old bandmates have been doing some extreme redefining of their own.
Vince, once an irresistible force, is now an immovable object. Glen, once the Quiet One, is now the Quietly Terrifying One. Vern may as well be on another planet. The brilliant Aia seems to be the perfect solution...but may instead be the perfect problem.

Will Matthew ever quell the chaos he himself has unleashed? Will he ever defeat those who oppose him, even as they pretend to help him? Will he ever get a girlfriend? Only this is certain: it's now or never.