This black comedy follows four twenty-somethings and their desperate pursuits of love. Gemma Miller-Jones (cup-size double D) has been frequenting the local sports bar in the hopes of snagging a league-playing husband. When she spies the man of her dreams, Tobais Winstanley, she decides to pursue him no matter how degrading her behaviour has to be. Jacques White (Gay white male) believes a reality television show, following him as he shops and goes to parties, will fulfil the attention and adoration he is so desperate for. When the producers of the show require more and more drama, Jacques accidentally organises the date from hell. Michelle Monroe (Just looking for friends) is very close to achieving the perfect surgery-enhanced body. When no one will operate on her she visits a 'home surgery' and willingly slips under the knife. When she wakes, however, her disfigured body becomes her living nightmare. Ricki Bowater (two inches uncut) believes that the way to a girl’s heart is through excessive text messaging and breaking into their houses. When his overwhelming love pushes him to the edge of his sanity, though, Ricki makes one fatal mistake.

Can have up to 17 characters.