Flintlock Musket

Flintlock Musket is a story set heartbeats before the start of the Musket Wars. An era where whole tribes were all but wiped out; and bloodlines would cease to exist.
"Indeed if any chapter in New Zealand history has earned the label 'holocaust', it is this one." (Michael King. The Penguin History of New Zealand.)

It is a story of Mason Ingram and his wife Hine Ata Tu. Mason is a Scotsman, a farmer and a convict who jumped ship in Aotearoa and became a Pākeha/Māori. Hine is a strong willed woman whose father is the arch and irrepressible leader Aoraki and her mother who was a spoil of war that Aoraki took. Thus Hine is single-minded about planning the demise of Aoraki. She knows Mason wants to be a man respected, know he wants to be more than a Mokai Pākeha and Hine can see that he does not lack the desire. Hine must weave a blood soaked strand to his nature to be able to finally claim her Utu from Aoraki.