Kezzie is a normal teenage girl with an obsession for video games. What’s really worrying is that she’s named one of the main characters of her game after her dead sister Calliope. Kezzie’s obsession for answers and vengeance lead her to confront Sean, the boy she believes caused her sister to commit suicide. But this confrontation can only give Kezzie answers she doesn’t want to hear, doesn’t want to believe. Running away and out onto the road, she is hit by a car and goes into a coma. There, her mind plays out an introspective scene in which she is thrust into the world of the game that she loves so much, and there, her sister is alive. But there, she finds the game world is not enough, and there is no escape from the truth. When she wakes, she finally accepts that her sister’s death was an accident… but it doesn’t seem like the game world is finished with the real world just yet!