C - A Musical

Paul Jenden’s ongoing treatment for cancer becomes the stepping off point for a show that celebrates the human spirit and the triumph of laughter over fear:

“I can hear you thinking, “This is going to be so-o-o-o depressing,” and I say, “No, it’ll be fun,” and you go, “Oh God, it’s going to be really tasteless,” and I say, look, cancer sucks. If you’ve got it, had it or lost someone to it, the last thing you need is someone poking you with a stick. This isn’t like that. This is a travelogue, a picaresque novel, the record of journey into my head, a kind of Dante’s Inferno but with song and dance!"

A constantly surprising experience: part musical, part poetry, part piano sonata, part cabaret, part memoir, part fantasy, all combined in a funny, moving and irreverent show, bubbling with good nature.

Scored for 3-piece band: piano; viola/mandolin; harp/piano accordion.