Ache: Noun. (eik) Pain. Discomfort. Throb. Throe (rare). Suffering. Grief. Misery. Torment. Sorrow. Woe. Longing. Need. Hope. Wish. Desire. Yen (informal) Urge. Itch. Hunger. Hanker. Crave. ‘The lovers ache to be together.’

Summer. A wedding. The smoker’s deck. He’s trapped in a modern day malaise. She’s deciding whether to go back to London.  So begins the relationship of two beautiful people trying to keep their heads above water as they transition between life phases.  Fate throws them together but timing conspires to keep them apart.

An unrequited romantic comedy, Ache is told through a series of vignettes and follows the lives of two urban professionals as they navigate their way through their ever-changing relationship and the world around them.  Both achingly funny and heart-breakingly sad, the play is a modern love story about timing and seizing the day.

Adam New Zealand Play Award 2012 - PumpHouse Theatre Prize for an Auckland Playwright