A Midsummer's Nightmare

This play is a version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Hillary and Troy, in their early twenties, hold an engagement party, where many people are invited, including a lot of young people currently attending their former high school. Four of these people are in love, but it is a confused little square: Luke and Hannah love each other, but Damien loves Hannah, and Helen loves Damien. There’s further trouble in paradise: Hillary’s parents Oliver and Tiana are fighting over whether to have a third child or not. Meanwhile, outside the party, a gang of teenage boys who were missed out on the invite list are planning to somehow disrupt the party. Oliver and his nephew Robin mix up some potent drinks and serve them in an attempt to patch up the confused romances, but only end up confusing them more: Luke falls in love with Helen, Damien falls in love with Luke, and Helen falls in love with Hannah. Oliver also gives a cup of his wicked brew to his wife, who drinks it and falls for Nick, one of the gang of infiltrating teenage boys. It seems like nothing can solve this confusion until sleep, and then the morning light. Luke wakes to find he loves Hannah again, and Damien, remembering Helen kissing Hannah, suddenly finds he likes Helen a whole lot more. Tiana finds a teenage boy in her arms, and goes back to Oliver, swearing never to talk of a third child again.

This is a fun, raunchy play for teens, but be warned: features sexual references, alcohol use, and mild language.