Peace Plays

Charlie Bloom - 4f, 3m
At Moruroa on 12 September 1966, the French explode a 120 kiloton bomb at 600 metres, despite unfavourable wind conditions. 3160km away, the fallout cloud from the bomb is intercepted by a rainstorm and falls on Samoa. Charlie Bloom tells the story of a couple living there, and their experience of living with undiagnosed radiation poisoning.

Hautu - 5f, 12m
How does one live as a pacifist when all those around you are at war? During WWII over 800 Conscientious Objectors were sent to Dentention Camps in New Zealand. Hautu, at the southern end of Lake Taupo, was one of the toughest. This is the tale of two men in Hautu, and of their women and families at home - the peace people of WWII.

Shanty & The Angel - 6f, 7m
This is an inner city Auckland street at dawn. You hear the voices of the people of the street, their worries, their loves, their joys, and their woes. you hear them singing, waking, laughing and talking. You discover the makers of the peace of the street.