My Heart is Bathed in Blood

Wooed, won, jilted and seeking revenge. This drama, based on the true story of the killing of a Dunedin medical registrar by a promising young female house surgeon, is set in 1954. Senga Whittingham’s story is told with compassion, humour and a spiraling sense of inevitable tragedy. Senga becomes obsessed with the man she loves, aborting herself to 'save' the relationship. She then becomes ill and gradually sinks into a scary self-hatred that no one can halt. Surrounded by a female world (her lover’s mother, her best friend, her rival in love, and a dependent female patient) My Heart is Bathed in Blood sheds light on what it was really like for young women in 1950's New Zealand. This play offers excellent roles for young women, and the cast can be enlarged with hallucinatory 'Bridesmaids' who mirror and comment on the action in dance and movement.