Back to Square One? & Watching Paint Dry: Two Solo Plays

In this book you will find two plays by Anders Falstie-Jensen. One written while commuting on a train to and from work. The other written in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are radically different in form and context but underneath the surface of both flows a similar current of yearning for something else. Of rebellion perhaps!


Back to Square One? is the story of 95 year old Inga in Denmark, who reaches out through space and time to her grandson in New Zealand.

Using only chalk to draw with Anders Falstie-Jensen weaves the Norse myth of Ragnarok into a unique story of disasters, family and unexpected connections.


Watching Paint Dry is a minimalist exploration of modern life and Scandinavian Zen that takes you on an extraordinary journey through the freshly coated corridors of you mind.

Join The Painter as he guides you through the art of watching paint dry (live!) while your phone is turned on and set to loud.