David Stevens

David Stevens lived in New Zealand from 1965 – 1972. He worked for the NZBC and his final TV film before moving to Australia was An Awful Silence, which won a Feltex award for Best Program of the Year.

He was born of British parents at Tiberias in the British Mandate of Palestine and was brought up in England and the Middle East. Before moving to New Zealand, he worked in theatre in the United Kingdom.

He is co-writer of the movie Breaker Morant for which he received and Oscar nomination. He directed the Emmy Award winning mini-series A Town Like Alice, produced by Henry Crawford, which was shown on the BBC and in the US on PBS MasterpieceTheatre.

He is the author of the play The Sum of Us, which ran in New York for a year and won the Outer Critics Circle Award.

He also wrote the screenplay for the film of The Sum of Us starring Jack Thompson and Russell Crowe – which won the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Screenplay.

He had previously directed the movie The Clinic, which received several awards.