Performing Dramaturgy

Performing Dramaturgy is the first comprehensive guide to New Zealand dramaturgy. Charting the history and evolution of international practice, Fiona Graham examines the introduction of professional dramaturgy to New Zealand and the development of a practice based on tikanga Māori. Through interviews and local case studies, Graham investigates how dramaturgs have collaborated with performance makers from playwrights to performance artists to create work that is nuanced and multi-layered. Informed by thirty-five years of performance development experience, Graham’s Performing Dramaturgy is essential reading for practitioners and students of all creative disciplines who want to apply the principles of dramaturgy to their own arts practice. Like a good dramaturg, this book will unsettle assumptions, catalyse multiple development possibilities and offer strategies for dramaturgical composition.

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Please note this title is available as both paperback ($40.00) and eBook ($40.00)