Two Plays by Jo Randerson

Dark and foreboding, real and surreal, witty and tragic, these two plays are rich meditations on New Zealand's relationship with the land and each other.

The Unforgiven Harvest provides a fresh take on the adage that "as ye sow, so shall ye reap". Set in rural New Zealand, it centres on a family near breaking point, with relationships held together by role-playing and the abuse of power. By the end, we see that nobody is innocent and that indifference to another's pain is no protection against revenge.

"Powerfully imagined and psychologically astute...hypnotically wind(s) up the tension." New Zealand Listener

The Lead Wait also deals with cruelty, loss and unforgiveness, its characters living fractured lives in a fractured house. What is Leon really looking for under the ground, and will he cope with what he finds? Will Juliet forgive their mysterious visitor and accept the offer he makes?

"A must-see production...taking its audience into realms which they probably never thought possible." Evening Post