Three Plays by Robert Lord

For two decades, Robert Lord’s plays astonished and entertained theatre audiences with their sharp satire and flamboyant farce. Three Plays is a celebration of his life and career with comprehensive essays by editor Phillip Mann.

It Isn't Cricket is one of Lord’s earlier plays in which his talent for dialogue and complex characters shines. A small group of friends are constantly manipulating and deceiving one another, vying for the upper hand in loaded social situations.

Well Hung satirises rural life in a small town when a local murder overtakes lives. Peopled with a bumbling police force, a lusty homemaker, a gentleman farmer and a leading light in the local theatre group, it moves swiftly, depicting ridiculous situations with an undercurrent of biting social commentary.

The Travelling Squirrel is a romp through the fickle nature of the entertainment industry. Protagonist Bart compares his struggles as a writer to those of Roger the squirrel, a misunderstood painter. Hilarious and packed with larger-than-life characters, this play is a testament to Lord’s ability to write brilliant comedy.