Two kiwi boys take a road trip to Jerusalem while a seven-year-old girl deals with the divorce of her parents better than they do. New Zealand's youngest murderer meets public enemy No.1 and a vodka-swilling Nana helps her daughter fix her useless family for good. An expert teaches us how to feed our bellies and feed our hearts through baking Māori bread. A young woman loses herself in a map-world of paper roads, we are taken on an epic journey from colonial prostitutes to iPhones, and straight and gay bromance get confused while riding in cars - welcome to Here/Now!

"Contemporary kiwi drama at its best. All thanks to a bunch of clever young playwrights who have accumulated an impressive assembly of awards that include the Bruce Mason Award, Plays for the Young, Playwrights b4 25 and Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards. They're so brilliant they make me sick."
-Stuart Hoar, Playwright