These Woods are Mean

Lost girl on the run, Abigail, is rescued from the forest by “Snowy”, who herself was once lost in the same neck of the woods .We also learn of a brutal murder, this time a young blond-haired girl outside the house of a family of bears. Snowy finds herself connected in more ways than one: her ex-lover Banes heads up the investigation and her former “associate” Wolfie turns out to be responsible. Snowy takes Abigail home to her tiny cottage, and soon finds herself visited by both her own long-lost mother Aurora, and Abigail’s mother Cynthia, who is desperate to find her daughter and bring her home. Abigail is equally desperate to strike out on her own and achieve independence, which ultimately comes at tragic personal cost, as Wolfie re-emerges determined to seek compensation for past deception.