The Taiaha and the Sabre

1868. South Taranaki. After a failed attack on a Pā, a British captain takes refuge in a flour mill. The captain removed three important breech pins before Māori could capture their new Armstrong siege canons. But if Māori get the cannons working, then the whole of Taranaki could be lost. The captain gains the trust of the miller’s daughter, but not her strong willed mother who dreams of living in harmony with the natives. A wounded Māori girl, continually reciting The Iliad in Te Reo, causes the captain to fear that he has simply leapt from the frying pan into the fire. As the captain considers destroying the pins, the belligerent settler, Cooper offers to take them to Patea. Then the captain meets his destiny in the shape of the Māori Hector. Will history be changed - and Troy stand?