The Sexiest Man in the World

Kiwi actor-director ‘Chip Stone’ – formerly Trevor Entwhistle – has become a worldwide movie superstar, voted by a women’s magazine as, ‘The sexiest man in the world.’ He returns home to produce yet another of his ‘smash hit action movies.’  This one on the life and times of Te Rauparaha, with Chip as the lead. He offers his estranged brother, a struggling playwright, a huge sum to write the screenplay. But his brother’s ‘principles’ override his meagre bank balance. He dismisses Chip’s offer and his movies which are ‘multi million dollar insults to intelligence.’  This has no effect on Chip’s ego – ‘I am a living legend’ – but the effect ‘sex appeal’ has on his sister-in-law and his teenage nephew’s girlfriend is something else.