The Lazarus Lottery

In a world where the terminally ill have the chance to cheat death through entering a lottery, those involved must grapple with loss, love, and questions of the soul. Revolutionary medical technology has given people living with a terminal illness a second chance; they can enter the lottery and potentially win the chance to live on through a clone. 

Eve is a recently married young woman who has been struck down with cancer. She has won The Lazarus Lottery and her husband, Adam, now faces life with a clone. Will he be able to accept the clone? Or will the possibility of a lifetime without the person he loves most compel him to accept this new, but familiar presence in his life?

This is a philosophical play that deals with questions of personhood, grief, love, ethics, and what it is that truly makes us who we are. Are we the simply the combination of our DNA and memories? Or is the concept of a soul relevant?