Real Estate

Norma and Lottie have been best friends for seventy-six years.
The sale of Norma's old family villa two months ago saw her join Lottie as a resident of All Care Heights Retirement Home, from which she keeps escaping and breaking into her still empty family home - the house her grandfather built, where she and Lottie played as girls, where she lived all her married life and raised her family, the house she has discovered only this morning, has been sold to a developer who will demolish it to make way for a car park!
83-year-old Norma is not very happy, but she has a plan.
As the howling southerly gale subsides, the two old women find there's more to celebrate than can be imagined in a lifetime of hot dinners, and power is always a matter of approach.

Real Estate is a story of love and friendship and even though wisdom may not necessarily come with age, it's never to late to learn.