Pūkeko Tuawhā

In the third millennium Māori prepare a space mission to explore their place of origin, a constellation known as Aututahi, the Hawaikinui of the skies. Tuawahine will captain one of the five ships, she is extremely gifted and very well known. In her shadow her sister Noke is also very gifted but is often overlooked. As head technician on Tuawahine’s ship, Noke plants a device that will change the crew’s speech to an ancient and long forgotten language, English. Thinking Noke doesn’t understand English, Tuawahine opens up about her struggles as an overachiever who no one wants to be around. Regretting what she’s done, Noke faces her punishment and discovers that her sister has pleaded for leniency and for Noke to join the mission to use her skill in languages.