Miss Jean Batten

Jean Batten's 1936 flight from England to New Zealand in a single engine plane made of wood and fabric navigating with just a compass and a watch is one of the extraordinary feats of the last century. Yet when she successfully landed in Auckland the Mayor greeted her with the words:  

“Jean you are a very naughty girl, and really I think you want a good spanking for giving us such a terribly anxious time here.”

Miss Jean Batten is set in the VIP Suite of the Hotel Australia, Sydney, on the eve of the last and most important leg of her historic flight to New Zealand. She has had 8 hours sleep in 8 days. Fatigued and anxious to keep going she relives moments from her flight and the events that brought her here. She is juggling press calls, sponsorship offers, fan mail, and weather reports and now last minute attempts are being made by Australian authorities to prevent her from flying at all.

Miss Jean Batten is a joyous celebration of an independent woman who pursued her ambition with unqualified success but still found herself being judged and patronised because of her gender. But most of all, it's  about capturing the spirit of Jean Batten, New Zealand's most famous Aviatrix, who made the first-ever solo flight from England to New Zealand setting a record that stood for 44 years. It's a story of success against enormous odds and one that should resonate with every Kiwi.