Mab's Room

Ambrose is alone in a flashy hotel room and is very nervous as he undresses to his boxers. Oscar bursts into the room after making a cruel joke to break the ice. It becomes clear quite quickly that they’re meeting there for some kind of illicit affair, and that Oscar is Ambrose’s teacher. Ambrose tries to get physical a few times, but Oscar realises that Ambrose isn’t ready for that and he talks him out of it gently, while Ambrose is asking Oscar how to act as a gay man in society because he doesn’t know. Oscar tells him what it’s like for him, realising that he’s become a sort of mentor to Ambrose in a way that he didn’t expect and then tells him that there’s no way they can have a relationship, simply because he cares about Ambrose too much to hurt him in the way this kind of relationship would. Ambrose fights it a bit before concluding that Oscar is correct, and Oscar quietly puts Ambrose to bed with a lullaby. When he looks over the sleeping boy, he realises that he may feel more for the boy than he first thought. He leaves the room as Ambrose sleeps.