Little Red Riding Hood Goes Blue—An Adult Pantomime

An adult pantomime. Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to visit her Grandmother in the forest, to deliver her weekly supply of Paul Henry Show DVDs.

However, on her journey she encounters first a National Party activist who wants to change her name from Red to Blue, a Woodcutter who has unusual ‘gender issues’ and a wolf (or man in wolf’s clothing) who could possibly be the sitting MP for Northland. She then meets the Fracker Brothers who are determined to find oil under the forest and mine it.

The wolf delays Little Red Riding Hood and gets to Grandmother’s cottage before her. Little Red Riding Hood arrives to find the wolf masquerading as her Grandmother. The wolf’s evil plot is foiled by the arrival of the Fracker Brothers, the Woodcutter and activist Jacinta Fruitloop who calls in CYFFS and the Armed Offenders Squad. 

All ends happily with Grandmother restored to life, Red Riding Hood and the Woodcutter in love, and the forest designated as a new mining area.

Topical references can be updated.