Auckland Shakes

We begin with a monologue by Sparky Richards about how much she hates Auckland, but how she ultimately loves it because all the people she loves are there. But she wishes it was better.The main story opens on a house in Grey Lynn. Daryl has arranged a gathering for his group of friends from high school, commemorating the death of Sparky, who was one of their group ten years ago when they were fifteen. They each arrive and it seems all is well with the group as they reconnect, getting to know each other and their respective spouses, until Ronan bursts into the house. He seems fine at first, but he has a meltdown. Ronan’s meltdown triggers them all to reconsider their own lives since high school.
After much stress it all comes to a head as everybody gathers in the lounge to finally leave and Daryl makes a mess of himself; insulting everybody before having a meltdown and repeating the last part of Sparky’s monologue from the start of the play. He ends up alone on the couch, muttering: “I want it back.”