Jimmy Te Rehua is a young Māori boy with the I.Q of a genius. His nature is irrepressible while his passion for electronics and video-games like Pacman and Donkey Kong is infectious.

When Mister Macrae, the elderly Scottish proprietor of the Astrocade video-game parlour on The Strand saves Jimmy from being beaten up by Mick Jones, the local town bully, he finds himself begrudgingly drawn into Jimmy’s life which is vastly different from his own self-imposed exile from the world.  

Mister Macrae and Jimmy are able to relate to each other’s experiences of living on societies fringe.  Inspired by Jimmy’s enthusiasm, Mr Macrae creates the video-game world champs, and competitors from different parts of the world meet to compete at the Astrocade. 

An Australian version of Astroman is available on request.