Mothertongue: Four Plays From Women's Action Theatre

Mothertongue - Kathleen Gallagher and Kate Winstanley- 3f
The performers take on roles of all manner of women, at different stages of development, via beautifully crafted pieces of prose reminiscence, monologue, poetry, song and chant, dealing with growing up, sex and love, work and childbirth, etc.

Offspring Kathleen Gallagher and Gen Rippingale;- 5f
A play that looks at pregnancy, childbirth and early childrearing for first time parents.

Banshee Reel Kathleen Gallagher and Gen Rippingale - 3f
A lighting technician falls into the world of 19th century West Coast goldminer Biddy and her leprechaun. 

Jacaranda - Kathleen Gallagher and Kate Winstanley- 3f
This play weaves together the fragmented memories of a 97 year old woman, a wide range of memories and poetry, movement and song, that evolve into an unforgettable story of a passionate woman’s life and keeping one's mind active.