Claire Ahuriri

Claire Ahuriri has written plays since age 14, in a variety of styles including comedies, adventures and mysteries for high school students, as well as light, flight-of-fancy comedies for adults, short absurdist scripts, and a feminist play or two. One binding characteristic of these diverse playscripts is their flexibility in accommodating for time, venue and cast size without compromising the plot, characters, or essence of the drama.

In 2005 her play Spilt Milk won acclaim in Flip the Script, and was performed by Contact Theatre, Manchester, England. It later received a special mention in the 2010 Plays for the Young Competition, in a version expanded from the original absurd script to accommodate high school students.

Claire is a graduate of the University of Auckland, and works part-time as the Performing Arts Co-ordinator for Glenfield College while studying to be a drama teacher. She continues to write plays, poetry, short stories and children's novels. She is currently working on a fantasy series, and is searching for a publisher for her first novel The Dragon Dreamer.