PLAYMARKET presents this award annually for the best new New Zealand play. The award, formerly the Playmarket New Play Award, has been offered since 2008. It is the only one of its kind for new writing and encourages writers to banish all self censoring, all worries about what theatres want, what is affordable and what they think audiences want to see.

Take this opportunity to have your play read by a panel of industry professionals.

Entrance requirements

Open to any New Zealand citizen/permanent resident.


With the help and suggestions of many in the arts sector, an easier to use and more useful website has been launched by Creative New Zealand.


The Basement THEATRE TRUST has published an open letter to all Basement Theatre users, and potential users, announcing some of their exciting developments and aspirations for the future.

Read the letter here.


The winner of the Best Unfilmed Screenplay is Melanie Drewery with her screenplay RUST, a powerful, haunting take on the dangers of young love. Melanie will be receiving ongoing script advice; assistance towards a radio adaptation; and support towards adapting other stories of hers for stage and screen. 

Also shortlisted were:-

Sanctuary Theatre

Do you like the sound of this?:- "Before the Twentieth Century, the most common producer was the playwright. Playwrights are uniquely suited to recognize powerful new material for the stage. ... "

"Over the past ten decades, writers have deviated from their historical position in theatre, retreating from direct involvement with producing entities, and ceding control to third-party producers, thereby leaving the artistic future of playwriting to others whose understanding of and dedication to the most bracing new writing is not the same...

13p (

This is a really inspiring initiative - perfect for any playwright who's tired of moaning that theatres don't want to license their plays, and who feels like a bit of pro-activity. Have a read of their philosphy and see if you can't adapt it to suit your own situation.  If you think we can help, get in touch.

Producers, venues and festivals

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If you are a playwright looking for a producer, let us know and we may be able to make some suggestions.

We offer free e-copies of manuscripts to producers looking for a work to stage.

Performing Arts Directory

Go to Theatreview ( to access the NZ Performing Arts Directory. Scroll down the various functions to find the contacts or assistance you need - and add yourself to it if appropriate.  Categories range from agent and actor through designer, funding, lighting, producer, script development and venue hire - every branch of theatre catered for.